The smell of MacBook

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The smell of MacBook
20/04/2012, Australia | Three Australian artists performed long-held dream amateur production company Apple - they are synthesized odor that every customer feels MacBook laptop computer, revealing the hidden box. Gavin Bell, Jara and Simon de Cullera McGlynn came up with the smell of perfume release svezheotkrytogo MacBook. To do this they enlisted the help of the French and sent to the company Air Aroma samples of packaging and the laptop itself. As a result of perfumers came the smell, which includes fragrance plastic film, cardboard, ink, paper, plastic parts box, and, indeed, of the aluminum body MacBook. In short, anything that feels happy owner of your nose portable computer Apple.

Buy perfume while it is impossible. Synthesized scent is sprayed using the apparatus of Air Aroma Aroslim at an art exhibition in Melbourne, which opened today. The exhibition runs until May 12th, so if you want to inhale this divine fragrance, here's the address: Stand "De Facto Standard" - West Space - Level 1, 225 Bourke Street Melbourne.

iPhoto 1 million users and $ 5 million

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iPhoto 1 million users and $ 5 million
March 7 at the same time of submission The new iPad, Apple prodemonstrirovla application for working with photos iPhoto.

The "migrated" from the platform Mac OS, which had already existed for a long time. After the release of iPhoto, iOS-Soup came to possess a complete collection of applications, iLife, among which, in addition to iPhoto, there are Garage Band - a musical program and iMovie - video editor.

iPhoto first appeared on Mac OS X in the year 2001. This program is a package of iLife, which allows users to store digital photos into your own library, sorted by album. The new version adds the "Events", which makes it easy to sort photos by date and imports in different events. The program supports synchronization with the server. Mac, backup TimeMachine, fast export to iWeb for publication on the blog, recorded pictures on disks, create calendars and greeting cards by drag & drop with the ability to print or save to a high-quality PDF. Allows you to run a "presentation" - fullscreen view selected galleries of photos with transitions and background music. iPhoto supports the largest number of cameras to import photos into the library without having to install drivers.

According to TechCrunch, the number of iPhoto users exceeded one million for the first 10 days of sales. Of course, the rate of 5 million units may be different from the real, because one bought the application can be installed on multiple devaysov the same time!

iPhoto lets you share your photos between iPhone and the iPad, and it can be used to improve the image by adjusting, for example, contrast, and applying a variety of filters. In addition, the application can work with otedlnymi portions of the image.

Also, using iPhoto, you can create photo albums, add to them a note or widgets - such as weather or the calendar.

The application was submitted along with the new iPad is not in vain - it was like nothing better demonstrates the possibility of a new Retina-display.

iPhone-application The new iPad looks decent

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When the market has iPad 1st generation, for him there was a negligible number of applications. In this regard, Apple iPhone-enabled applications to use on the tablet. When you start it grew and took horrific "pixelated" form ...

With the release of the iPhone 4 and Retina-applications, the situation is not imzenilas: startup programs and games work in 320x480 mode (Standard Definition iPhone first three generations). Of course, there were tweaks like RetinaPad, who ran the application on the iPad is 640 × 960 (Resolution iPhone 4/4S), but this required Jailbreak.
 required Jailbreak
With the advent of The new iPad can not be nervous at the sight of pixels - now run iPhone applications on the tablet in high resolution and look much more worthy.

Currently, modes of single and double its work in New iPad in the Retina-mode, and from this application vyglyadat much better. This was reported by forum members TouchArcade.

They tested it on the sample application, NBA Jam.

"Version iRhone screen iRad 1st generation looked just awful at rabotale on« Retinapad »graphics were good. But now, the screen of the new iRad it looks even more fantastic.And this is without Retinapad! »

Also tested was a game Cut the Rope.
game Cut the Rope.
In the picture you can see the difference. In addition, it should be noted that already exists iPad-native version of the game. But for the demonstration was chosen application made for the iPhone. If you look at the version of Cut the Rope for The new iPad, you will notice that it looks even better!And this despite the fact that the application Cut the Rope HD has been updated to support the Retina-screen!

Download Reckless Racing 2 apk for android phones

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Reckless Racing 2
Download Reckless Racing 2 apk for android phones

By far the best racing game for android thus far! It is like a combination of Flat Out, Forza, and Reckless Racing 1! Amazing game, I had the licensing issue but found out that you just have to wait for Google to verify the purchase of the game. I just waited about 20 minutes and it worked fine when booted up. I had the first game on my iPod and it was fantastic, and this one adds a lot of customisation options that really make the game shine. Download this and you won't be disappointed. Runs and looks amazing on my Asus Transformer Prime, even on economy mode.

Download Blackmart Alpha Version: 0.49.92 for Android phones

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Download Blackmart Alpha Version: 0.49.92 for Android phones

with using this app "BlackMart Alpha" you can download thousand applications for free. Yup, like an Android Market. But, all applications in Android Market is the official from the developer. Whereas, in the BlackMart Aplha just a black market. You could try a paid application for free here. And if it was really helpful for you, you can buy it through the Android Market or buy directly from the developer.