What could be the iPhone 5

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What could be the iPhone 5
Many people asked this question a year ago, before the release of iPhone 4S . Nobody thought then that Apple will update only has the usual "four". But Steve Jobs said that the revolution in the mobile world will be once every two years. That time has come.

Many analysts predict that the iPhone is already the 6th generation will be completely different, a new design. In general, this is little doubt. In recent years the network has a lot of pictures and video rendering on the new model, "apple" phone.

First, the network these photos surfaced. The back cover of the iPhone 5.

What could be the iPhone 5
What could be the iPhone 5

From this it became clear that the phone will have a screen and will be extended by 1-2 millimeters thinner.

Is this good? Poor you? At this point, it is impossible to answer. First, it is not clear why Apple wants to make a screen with an aspect ratio of 16 to 9. This format is definitely useful for viewing video content, as all the new movies come out is in 16:9, but for everything else ... However, this conclusion is that change and resolution. If the width of the screen remained the same as it was, the permit will 1136h640. If Apple decides to make life easier for all developers and designers, we are waiting for a more acceptable: 1280 by 720.

What could be the iPhone 5

After that, "3D-shnik" took up the prototypes. The network has a lot of man-made photos of them could understand what the iPhone 5 will receive a brutal design with metal-coated matte paint, cover the back.

What could be the iPhone 5

It takes a little more time and "live" and do not make high-quality photos coming. It is becoming clear that the device will be equipped with new, more compact connector. In addition, it is clear that the headphone jack has moved to the bottom of the device, as the iPod touch. Practice shows that it is much easier and more practical, so surprised that Apple is not in respect of costs.

What could be the iPhone 5

It can be seen and the fact that FaceTime-camera is now above the speaker, not the side as it was before. By the way, the matrix is ​​likely to support the HD-resolution.

As for "stuffing", the clarity can make a logical assumption. Of course, the iPhone's 6th generation will support 4G-networks will be enhanced chip A5X, as the new iPad, and more RAM.

Another controversy related to the name iPhone. Will it be a new iPhone, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone HD or some other - is not known.

The rest we can hear from the mouth of Apple in the autumn, when, instead of with the new iPhone will iOS 6.

iPad Smart Case: Apple's new product

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iPad Smart Case: Apple's new product

Getting an overview of new products from Apple!

One of the novelties have appeared at the Apple Store after WWDC2012, although the presentation of this accessory is not a word was said.

iPad Smart Case completely covers your iPad - front and back - with your iPad will remain the same thin, as without it. Like the Smart Cover, iPad Smart Case allows you to set your iPad in two positions for the keyboard and for watching movies or talking through FaceTime. It also puts your iPad into sleep mode when closed. Made of polyurethane, comes in six color options.

It is hoped that Apple tried to make a new iPad Smart Case, slightly less than the brand.

iPhone 5, video and photos of housing support major changes in design!

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iPhone 5, video and photos of housing support major changes in design!

Today is a resource cydiablog.com posted pictures and video back of the new iPhone 5 , the rear panel design is very different from the design of the iPhone 4, 4S . In fact, the back panel combined with the lateral parts of the body, and partly what is made ​​of an alloy. These details, however, bear a striking resemblance to the photo and the back of the scheme leaked last week. The item has been provided by eTradeSupply.

The next generation of iPhone will be the same width as the 4 and 4S, but the size will be higher, about 4 inches. upcoming iPhone will be much thinner. The exact dimensions are unknown. This item is no back cover and the side of the body. This is a part of! The material is aluminum alloy. Major structural changes in the upcoming iPhone: Headphone jack has been moved to the top of the bottom of the iPhone by Apple changed the dock connector on the smaller SIM-card tray less. Advanced holes for the speakers.

61% of all iPad and iPhone uses iOS 5.1

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61% of all iPad and iPhone uses iOS 5.1
March 7, Apple released a firmware update iOS 5, giving users a number of new features. In just a couple of weeks, 61% of all iPad and iPhone users worldwide have installed iOS 5.1. And more than half of all devices from Apple over the world.

This result was David Smith, the developer of Audiobooks for iOS. Programmer conducted its own research in the field updates. For more detailed data it is worth remembering November 10, when Apple released iOS 5.0.1. Starting with this firmware version users can upgrade mode OTA, as if to speak in simple words - "on air". March 7 all have that same opportunity - to update a "cloud".

What do you think, how popular was the function OTA? Unexpectedly, but more than anything.

David presented the data in the form of diagrams, which we will try to "decipher."

61% of all iPad and iPhone uses iOS 5.1

First, as of March 6, less than 2% of the users 'sitting' on firmware iOS 3 to iOS 4 was approximately 21% Last Seen on iOS 5.0 - 2% and 5.0.1 as much as 75%. To date, the numbers have changed.

Firmware 3.X, 4, X and 5.0 remain at the same level, but 5.0.1 has slipped to 18% and 61% occurred in users of 5.1.

61% of all iPad and iPhone uses iOS 5.1

Of these, 77% of the updated "on air".

Here it is worth considering the fact that iOS 5.1 is not compromised and, as you can see, people do not rush to jailbreak and for the most part - it is a good indicator of "good faith" the owners of i-devices.

Extract Bellperre Ultra Slim

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Extract Bellperre Ultra Slim
Another article is a bit on the profile of our blog, but we could not ignore this luxury phone from the Dutch company Bellperre International.

This Bellperre is made of brushed stainless steel and trimmed with black iguana skin, as in phones have Bellperre coated with 24 carat yellow gold, 18K pink gold, steel and polished steel with black finish, just in the finishing of high quality leather used pure exotic reptiles , shark, buffalo. Results in the range of more than 140 different options for materials used and color, but not all models are available in a localized version. Yes, yes, all the phones for sale are located in the territory of the CIS countries, and are factory Russified keyboard and operating instructions in Russian.

All phones Bellperre collected by hand in the Netherlands and is a work of art!

But first, the packaging:

In the large white box, packed in plastic foam is a bag with a wooden box in which laid the phone and accessories:
Extract Bellperre Ultra Slim

box covered with black paint, and looks like a jewelry box:
Extract Bellperre Ultra Slim

Extract Bellperre Ultra Slim

Detail, as in the phone, and in its packaging designers Bellperre paid particular attention to:
Extract Bellperre Ultra Slim

Tim Cook has helped the user to iPhone 3GS

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Tim Cook has helped the user to iPhone 3GS
Steve Jobs has often talked to ordinary people, sometimes responding to them in the mail. Any correspondence is most often evoked response in the society, or at least, there was a heated discussion. Tim Cook, the current head of Apple, too, is not lost and willingly answers questions and complaints of consumers.

There are many stories and one of them occurred recently. She shared the readers of 9to5mac.

A resident of the United States was going to move to Canada, as required by his job. It has long been the guy used his iPhone 3GS, which was "bound" to the operator AT & T in America. He appealed to the support of AT & T and asked him to unlock the phone for future use. Naturally, he entered the refusal. Without hesitation, the reader is asked to 9to5mac Apple, but they replied that such questions are decided by only a very Telecompaper. What a surprise it was a guy, when a second time to access AT & T responded to him: - "Make a jailbreak and no problems!".
Given that our hero was not a supporter of such decisions, he decided to write a letter himself to Tim Cook.

Tim himself has not responded to the letter, but called the AT & T and asked to unlock your phone. This was told by a representative of the cellular operator, which is called after the incident to the reader. After a brief conversation, during which was confirmed by IMEI-ID iPhone 3GS, the phone unblocked. Besides, the guy explained that his case - an exception to the rule, and after a while his wife was contacted by a personal assistant to Tim Cook, who said everything was in order.

It looked funny:

"In the middle of the day, my wife sends e-mail -« Cook's assistant called and asked whether the unlocked AT & T your phone. Where is Tim Cook is interested in your phone!? "

The smell of MacBook

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The smell of MacBook
20/04/2012, Australia | Three Australian artists performed long-held dream amateur production company Apple - they are synthesized odor that every customer feels MacBook laptop computer, revealing the hidden box. Gavin Bell, Jara and Simon de Cullera McGlynn came up with the smell of perfume release svezheotkrytogo MacBook. To do this they enlisted the help of the French and sent to the company Air Aroma samples of packaging and the laptop itself. As a result of perfumers came the smell, which includes fragrance plastic film, cardboard, ink, paper, plastic parts box, and, indeed, of the aluminum body MacBook. In short, anything that feels happy owner of your nose portable computer Apple.

Buy perfume while it is impossible. Synthesized scent is sprayed using the apparatus of Air Aroma Aroslim at an art exhibition in Melbourne, which opened today. The exhibition runs until May 12th, so if you want to inhale this divine fragrance, here's the address: Stand "De Facto Standard" - West Space - Level 1, 225 Bourke Street Melbourne.

iPhoto 1 million users and $ 5 million

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iPhoto 1 million users and $ 5 million
March 7 at the same time of submission The new iPad, Apple prodemonstrirovla application for working with photos iPhoto.

The "migrated" from the platform Mac OS, which had already existed for a long time. After the release of iPhoto, iOS-Soup came to possess a complete collection of applications, iLife, among which, in addition to iPhoto, there are Garage Band - a musical program and iMovie - video editor.

iPhoto first appeared on Mac OS X in the year 2001. This program is a package of iLife, which allows users to store digital photos into your own library, sorted by album. The new version adds the "Events", which makes it easy to sort photos by date and imports in different events. The program supports synchronization with the server. Mac, backup TimeMachine, fast export to iWeb for publication on the blog, recorded pictures on disks, create calendars and greeting cards by drag & drop with the ability to print or save to a high-quality PDF. Allows you to run a "presentation" - fullscreen view selected galleries of photos with transitions and background music. iPhoto supports the largest number of cameras to import photos into the library without having to install drivers.

According to TechCrunch, the number of iPhoto users exceeded one million for the first 10 days of sales. Of course, the rate of 5 million units may be different from the real, because one bought the application can be installed on multiple devaysov the same time!

iPhoto lets you share your photos between iPhone and the iPad, and it can be used to improve the image by adjusting, for example, contrast, and applying a variety of filters. In addition, the application can work with otedlnymi portions of the image.

Also, using iPhoto, you can create photo albums, add to them a note or widgets - such as weather or the calendar.

The application was submitted along with the new iPad is not in vain - it was like nothing better demonstrates the possibility of a new Retina-display.

iPhone-application The new iPad looks decent

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When the market has iPad 1st generation, for him there was a negligible number of applications. In this regard, Apple iPhone-enabled applications to use on the tablet. When you start it grew and took horrific "pixelated" form ...

With the release of the iPhone 4 and Retina-applications, the situation is not imzenilas: startup programs and games work in 320x480 mode (Standard Definition iPhone first three generations). Of course, there were tweaks like RetinaPad, who ran the application on the iPad is 640 × 960 (Resolution iPhone 4/4S), but this required Jailbreak.
 required Jailbreak
With the advent of The new iPad can not be nervous at the sight of pixels - now run iPhone applications on the tablet in high resolution and look much more worthy.

Currently, modes of single and double its work in New iPad in the Retina-mode, and from this application vyglyadat much better. This was reported by forum members TouchArcade.

They tested it on the sample application, NBA Jam.

"Version iRhone screen iRad 1st generation looked just awful at rabotale on« Retinapad »graphics were good. But now, the screen of the new iRad it looks even more fantastic.And this is without Retinapad! »

Also tested was a game Cut the Rope.
game Cut the Rope.
In the picture you can see the difference. In addition, it should be noted that already exists iPad-native version of the game. But for the demonstration was chosen application made for the iPhone. If you look at the version of Cut the Rope for The new iPad, you will notice that it looks even better!And this despite the fact that the application Cut the Rope HD has been updated to support the Retina-screen!

Download Reckless Racing 2 apk for android phones

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Reckless Racing 2
Download Reckless Racing 2 apk for android phones

By far the best racing game for android thus far! It is like a combination of Flat Out, Forza, and Reckless Racing 1! Amazing game, I had the licensing issue but found out that you just have to wait for Google to verify the purchase of the game. I just waited about 20 minutes and it worked fine when booted up. I had the first game on my iPod and it was fantastic, and this one adds a lot of customisation options that really make the game shine. Download this and you won't be disappointed. Runs and looks amazing on my Asus Transformer Prime, even on economy mode.

Download Blackmart Alpha Version: 0.49.92 for Android phones

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Download Blackmart Alpha Version: 0.49.92 for Android phones

with using this app "BlackMart Alpha" you can download thousand applications for free. Yup, like an Android Market. But, all applications in Android Market is the official from the developer. Whereas, in the BlackMart Aplha just a black market. You could try a paid application for free here. And if it was really helpful for you, you can buy it through the Android Market or buy directly from the developer.

CNN App for iPhone

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Follow the 2012 Presidential election with the CNN Election Center. View the latest political headlines, race results and watch major events live on the CNN App for iPhone.

Watch your favorite CNN shows LIVE on your CNN Apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. We’ve added CNN TV live - 24/7 - to all the great features that you love about your app.

  • •Watch LIVE CNN TV, video coverage of live events and video clips*
  • •Access the 2012 Election Center
  • •Receive breaking news alerts on your device home screen
  • •Go beyond breaking news with international, politics, tech and entertainment headlines
  • •View, record and submit video and photo iReports directly from your phone
  • •Get local stories and weather for cities across the U.S. with My CNN
  • •Share your favorite stories via e-mail, SMS, Twitter and Facebook
  • *Make sure your phone is not on vibrate and the volume is turned up for the best possible video experience.

The CNN App on iPhone is an ad-supported application and works on all iPhone/iPod touch Operating Systems and is optimized for iOS 5.

Outside the U.S.? See your country’s App Store for the CNN App developed especially for you.

Have questions or feedback on the CNN App? E-mail us at iphone@cnn.com. We are always looking for suggestions on how to provide the best experience possible on your iPhone.

What's New in Version 1.2.4
America’s Choice 2012 Election Center for iPhone now available.

General bug fixes and enhancements.

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