The smell of MacBook

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The smell of MacBook
20/04/2012, Australia | Three Australian artists performed long-held dream amateur production company Apple - they are synthesized odor that every customer feels MacBook laptop computer, revealing the hidden box. Gavin Bell, Jara and Simon de Cullera McGlynn came up with the smell of perfume release svezheotkrytogo MacBook. To do this they enlisted the help of the French and sent to the company Air Aroma samples of packaging and the laptop itself. As a result of perfumers came the smell, which includes fragrance plastic film, cardboard, ink, paper, plastic parts box, and, indeed, of the aluminum body MacBook. In short, anything that feels happy owner of your nose portable computer Apple.

Buy perfume while it is impossible. Synthesized scent is sprayed using the apparatus of Air Aroma Aroslim at an art exhibition in Melbourne, which opened today. The exhibition runs until May 12th, so if you want to inhale this divine fragrance, here's the address: Stand "De Facto Standard" - West Space - Level 1, 225 Bourke Street Melbourne.


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