2 Sugars By Edward Symington & Gareth Hughes

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2 Sugars By Edward Symington & Gareth Hughes

I'm pretty sure we all have gone through it: you're at work, and somebody offers to go for a drink run (maybe Starbucks or something like that). If it's your turn to do the run, you want to make it easy to remember what everyone wants, right?

Of course we can always use paper. But with today's technology, it's not fun. You have your iPhone in your hand, so why not work for this task? Now you can with two sugars.

This is a fairly simple and straightforward app. Once it is opened and the past that pretty (but minimal) splash screen, you are on the Contacts screen. Simply tap the "+" button to add a name.

Once a name is added, just tap it and you'll be taken to screen the drinks. From here, if the person wants a tea, coffee, or anything else. Additionally, you can milk, sugar or sweetener, depending on the preferences of the person.

Of course, with all those fancy drinks out there, you have the person who does not want a plain cup of tea or coffee. They want something like a "Venti caramel frappuccino with sugar-free soy milk" or something. Fortunately, you can have a custom drink to add.
2 Sugars By Edward Symington & Gareth Hughes
2 Sugars By Edward Symington & Gareth Hughes
2 Sugars By Edward Symington & Gareth Hughes
2 Sugars is a lovingly crafted list maker that makes noting down your co-workers' drink requests quick and easy.

Never lose track of who's in and who wants what. 2 Sugars remembers your friends' favourite beverages and makes it easy to add new drink types for fussy drinkers.

2 Sugars ($0.99) by Edward Symington & Gareth Hughes is a list maker with one goal in mind: keeping note of your coworkers’ drink requests in a quick and easy fashion.


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