Zombie Resistance

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Zombie Resistance By On The Go VenturesZombie ResistanceBy On The Go Ventures

The goal is to defend your fortress, is really just a huge building you've been set on top of, and not let the zombies inside because, you know, they eat your brains and all.

You are standing on top of a building, like the coward you - I would totally be on the front lines with a cricket bat - while the zombies make their way towards you. This is where my zombie killing skills, and accurate headshot percentage, really came in handy.
Zombie Resistance
Zombie Resistance
Zombie Resistance
You must take out the zombies by shooting em square in the noggin. To do this, just tap on the screen where you aim and shoot to ashes. You start with a handgun is not very accurate That Either, so, good luck with this. Will you spend a lot of time reloading too, which is done by tapping on your weapon on the top right of the screen.

I was not impressed with thesis, graphics, and gameplay was too repetitive. It's fun for a little while, but gets old very quickly. I am the first person to be all about the head zombie shooting, but the measly handgun you are Given to start can only take you so far.

Now, there are upgrades. As you survive waves of zombies, you earn in game cash That You can spend on upgraded weapons. You can even repair and upgrade your bunkers and things like your reload speed.

Zombie Resistance ($0.99) by On The Go Ventures is a tower defense meets action game. Stay on your toes, and keep your gun reloaded, as you fight off the hordes of undead trying to infiltrate your “fortress.”

Defend against the countless waves of zombies in the fight to survive the zombie apocalypse.

- 25 upgradeable weapons with unlockable attachments
- Various zombie types including bosses
- Unlockable player perks
- 6 different levels of difficulty
- Upgrades are kept forever
- Game Center achievements and leaderboards
- Retina display support


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