The Perfect RSS Reader For Google Client

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The Perfect RSS Reader For Google ClientThe Perfect RSS Reader For Google Client

Is used by Reeder on my iPhone, I wondered if there was no more room for a RSS reader. It appears, Perfect RSS to its name. I even considered Äôve to use as my primary app for RSS. So what does it for me?

The interface is the most important thing I found about this app. The design has a paper feel to it, like you're actually looking for a book.

There, AOS just something about just having a lot of buttons in a reader app. Reeder has certainly a host of them runs down the screen, AOS far left. Perfect while RSS does have buttons in the interface, more functionality depends on gestures.

Another important difference in the interface relative to the landscape portrait mode. By Reeder, landscape gives you more options than if you switch to portrait. Perfect RSS, but none of the buttons to change as most of them don, AOT even exist.

There are many ways to the application to adjust for your comfort. Each item shows the right side of the feed titles. However, a quick swipe the item in full screen. You can continue reading your list of items by wiping when the bottom of the first article. The gestures are also adjustable in the Settings menu.
The Perfect RSS Reader For Google Client
The Perfect RSS Reader For Google Client
The Perfect RSS Reader For Google Client
If I could change one thing in this app, it would be at the feeding site, AOS icon to show on the side of the title of the article. Perhaps, but one of my AOS (many) quirks, but I want to know where the products come from, before I look at them. With all my Mac set up websites, with a distinction from an article the other is messy.

The Best RSS Client for Google Reader.

Perfect RSS Reader ($ 1.99) by Connect Technology Co., Ltd. adds more functionality to your default Google Reader feed.

★ Best reading experience
★ Sync with Google Reader
★ Unique browse photos fashion
★ Offline browsing with fast image caching
★ manage Subscriptions and Folders
★ Share with Instapaper, ReadItLater, Delicious, Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

In the end, it's just a nitpicky thing. Everything else about this app is gold.


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