Luminance By Subsplash

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Luminance By SubsplashLuminance By Subsplash

Ah, the ever expanding area of ​​photography apps in the App Store. We all love taking photos with us iDevices, because let's face it - it is simply the best camera we got (as far as how often we use it for convenience). Along with that comes the fun of editing our pictures right on the device without the need for a desktop program. So now we're here to talk about another recent addition to the photography room app - Luminance.

Luminance By Subsplash
Luminance By Subsplash
Luminance By Subsplash

Luminance has a nice slim and attractive interface, which I love. It shows that the developers put some thought, while making it, so that's a plus. In a sense, the app interface makes me kind Forge Photo 2.

The first thing you see when starting the app is the library. This is where you can snap a new photo or import your existing product photos.

Once the photo is chosen, there will be three different views you can choose from the top menu bar: Filters, FX, and presets.

I would recommend checking the FX's first, so you can choose your photo effects. View thumbnails of each effect by the lower band left and right, and tap one to select and view a live preview.

If you have looked at a number of different effects, you can easily see what your history in the presets (represented by the clock on the button). From here the settings you have chosen in the FX view, and select one applies to the picture. An example is shown in the picture when a preset. The "Import" option just puts the image back to what you originally had.

The last thing you should do is to fine-tune your image filters. If you apply a preset to your photos, you will have a predetermined set of filters that you can customize. The application can also add more if desired by simply pressing the "+" button and the Edit button can be deleted and the order of the filters.

Luminance gives you pro photo editing capabilities in a simple and elegant interface. Effortlessly add effects to your photos, choose from many built-in presets, and take edits from one photo and apply them to multiple photos.

• Create any look, with an infinite combination of adjustment layers.
• Place your adjustment layers in any order to create unique effects.
• Choose from many built-in presets.
• Copy edits from a photo and apply them to multiple photos.
• Share photos via Facebook, Camera Roll, Email, Copy, and Print.
• View the history of any photo and easily jump back to a previous edit.
• Export photos at full resolution (Small, Medium, Large, or Original)

White Balance
Tone Curve
Split Toning

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We hope you enjoy Luminance and we'd love to hear your feedback as we continue to improve it!
+ The Subsplash Team

Luminance ($0.99) by Subsplash is a sleek photo editing app for your iPhone and iPad.


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