Hit the Apple! By Falcon Mobile Inc

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Hit the Apple! By Falcon Mobile Inc.Hit the Apple! By Falcon Mobile Inc.

The game has two different modes: "The Quest", which pits you against opponents archery skills, and "Hit The Apple," what did you try to shoot an apple from the head of a poor boy. Whichever mode you choose, it's guaranteed to bloodshed.
Hit the Apple! By Falcon Mobile Inc.
Hit the Apple! By Falcon Mobile Inc
Hit the Apple! By Falcon Mobile Inc.
Hit the Apple! By Falcon Mobile Inc
Play, all you have to do is pull back on the bow. The archer remains planted to the ground, so all you have to worry about fish and how the bow is hard to withdraw. In story mode, you encounter archer works the same way. The game makes you almost feel like a spectator at a tennis match with the exchange of volleys.

Both you and your opponent's life meter. As you can guess, hitting the legs resulting in little damage, while the torso and head shots yield much better results. Kill your opponent before he kills you.

The apple store is far more difficult game. Shooting arrows is the same, but this mode is all about precision. Aim too low and the man with the apple in a pincushion, too high and the arrow goes whizzing by. You are not limited to the number of arrows, but Mr. Pincushion is not too keen on the head shots.

The biggest update ever! Hit the Apple + The Quest in one game for FREE!
Very funny bow shooting game that combines outstanding graphics and physics-based gameplay! Shoot the apple off mans head using a bow and arrows. Don't miss or you might kill your opponent. Each level positions you further away thus increasing the difficulty...

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Hit the Apple! (Free) by Falcon Mobile Inc. tests your mettle as an archer.


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