Friends Events By Sebastian Vogelsang

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Friends Events By Sebastian Vogelsang

I, Aom definitely a sucker for well-designed apps, and overall, I quite happy with what friends Aom Events has to offer. The interface is a dark theme for the menu bars and buttons, while the listing of events is lighter and more Facebook-like white and blue colors. It, AOS definitely fun to watch.

Facebook is a great tool for people to RSVP or schedule an event, so why should not, AOT is an app for this sole purpose? Once in your Facebook account to log the app, you get three times Äôll: Friends Events, My Events, and Friends.

Friends Events will allow you to events, Aore friends are available to view. These can be viewed in a list or map mode. List will sort by date, while the card it will show as red pins on a map. List will also reveal the event name, time, location and a line of guests. On the map, you Äôll tapping the pins to reveal more information.

If you want to watch an event, tap it. This will reveal more information about the event and leave your RSVP. Additionally, you can choose to add this event to your calendar, or share via email or SMS.

My Events will show only the events you are invited to attend or be. The layout is the same as the Friends events, so there, AOS nothing new to learn. Watching your friends will show you how many events are there and what they are.

I thought Friends events are well designed overall and quite handy if you're constantly using Events on Facebook plans to make things. However, I experience a crash in the app if I would return to it after the screen is locked, however, open the backup had no problems.

My biggest gripe is with the app icon. The rest of the application is so beautiful, but the icon is pretty dull moment. I seriously hope that the developers can improve the icon, because it seems to be retaken in MS Paint.
Friends Events By Sebastian Vogelsang
Friends Events By Sebastian Vogelsang
Friends Events By Sebastian Vogelsang

Friends Events does exactly what the name says. It shows you all the events that any of your Facebook friends are going to attend in the near future (very similar to the "Friends' Events" page on Facebook - hence the name :). Not only will you be able to see who of your other friends are attending a particular event, but you can RSVP to any of these events right out of the app.

Simple and slick, the app offers you four key features:

- View your friends' events (list or map view)
- View those events you have been invited to
- RSVP to any of these events
- Export event to calendar

(This app is identical to the "Free" version, except it doesn't include ads)

LIMITATION: If you have 2500+ Facebook friends this app may not work for you because of Facebook's technical restrictions.

DISCLAIMER: Since this app builds upon Facebooks Backend API service I cannot guarantee that the app will continue working flawlessly if Facebook decides to change its API unexpectedly.

Friends Events ($0.99) by Sebastian Vogelsang is an app to help you manage your Facebook Events.


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