Metronome Plus By Dynamic App Design

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Metronome Plus By Dynamic App DesignMetronome Plus By Dynamic App Design

Like many of the other apps in the App Store metronome, Metronome Plus includes a wide range of options for you to tune with your music, but what really distinguishes it is the streamlined user interface.

When starting Metronome Plus you'll immediately discover how easy it is to use. At the bottom of the screen is a great speed scroll wheel that lets you quickly change the BPM to anywhere from 30 to 300. On each side of the wheel you will find "+" and "-" symbols, which allows you to change the tempo by single digits. You can also add your own pace by tapping the center of the screen when music is paused and the screen flashes with your crane to provide accurate feedback.

A drop-down menu can be opened by the top to the middle of the screen, which will allow you to play along with all the Metronome Plus settings, including:
Metronome Plus By Dynamic App Design
Metronome Plus By Dynamic App Design
Metronome Plus By Dynamic App Design
Features at a glance

★Retina display graphics
★Sleek and simple design with ergonomic touch interface
★Beautiful digital pendulum animation
★Four distinctive sound sets
★Sounds are among the loudest possible on iOS
★Realistic Tempo Scroll Wheel
★Tempo range from 30-300
★Screen lock
★Incredibly accurate metronome engine
★Drop down menu where you can change all settings with a single touch
★Meter- 8 most common meters
★Subdivisions- quarters, eighths, sixteenths and triplets
★Accents- program accents to occur on any beat

We have some big features in store for our next update and will be raising the price at that time. Buy now and receive all future upgrades for free!

Dynamic App Design in order to offer you a chance to one of five promo codes for Metronome Plus ($ 0.99) for the iPhone and iPod touch to win.


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