Rule the Sky™ By JCE

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Rule the Sky™ By JCERule the Sky™ By JCE

Rule the Sky ™, a Social Networking Game (SNG), where you can make and control your own floating island in the sky called Flotia 'with your friends.

The Sky Line ™ is the brand new version of Rule the Sky! More rich content with new quests and you can easily communicate with your friends in NEST
Rule the Sky™ By JCE
Rule the Sky™ By JCE
Rule the Sky™ By JCE
Rule the Sky™ By JCE
Rule the Sky™ By JCE
Rule the Sky™ By JCE
Rule the Sky™ By JCE
Rule the Sky™ By JCE

Interesting factors:

- Raining in your region? Then you will also see rain effect in your Flotia so good!

- Floating island in the sky: Unique concept of a floating island, no more square blocks.

- Contemplative game by building and controlling your own floating island

- Co-op play through social interaction!

Loaded with features:

- Includes roads and fences, new decorations and more than 130 new buildings to your Flotia more fantastic!

- Social network with your friends: preference for more rewards and taking care of friends' farms and / or fruit to rot and not to protect them from theft by other users. You can also protect them by using defense articles

- Manage and expand your Flotia by agriculture, construction, furnishing and actively communicating with your friends.

- Make rain to fertilize your farm

- More using Global: Support 8 languages!
English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, German and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)

- The "small pieces" of the fun: Time (clock) system based on location-based services, unique concepts of NPC and their reactions, Raining through a cloud, and Castle & Territory upgrade system that gives extra EXP.


New polished! Our unique mobile social gaming platform to find your friends

National information is now displayed on Nest list! You can easily check the friends of the same nation

-Sending messages and posting signs to increase your intimacy with your friends! (Boards also support 8 languages)

- Connected to Facebook that you post to Facebook wall and friends to be found by searching Facebook

Remember that you rule the sky! See you on your Flotia!

# # # # MESSAGE

PLEASE NOTE: Adjust the Sky ™ allows in-game items for real money to buy.
Turn-of-purchase app on your device if you do not want this feature accessible.

Online Game: Internet connection (WiFi or 3G +) is required
FACEBOOK: / rulethesky


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