Save Yammi! Pull the rope to feed him with delicious cookies!

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Save Yammi! Pull the rope to feed him with delicious cookies!Save Yammi! Pull the rope to feed him with delicious cookies!

Poor Yammi is an octopus that has lost its way, finding themselves sucked through a pipe that transported him far from home. Now you must help Yammi trip back to the sea by using ropes to overcome obstacles, collecting stars and Yammi feed all the delicious cookies that he craves. Travel is a hungry company, after all.

While Save Yammi is not totally unique game because it is based on existing concepts, it uses those mechanics are very different from competitive games. Instead of relying solely on the physics, Save Yammi uses a mix of touch screen interaction and tilt movement of the puzzles.

Each level consists Yammi Save a coil of rope, three yellow stars, two red stars, a cookie, and Yammi. I'm not sure what ropes and cakes have in common, or why ropes were selected, their current star status in the App Store. But it's a combination that ends in a lot of fun.

The goal is to get the cookie from the top of the screen waiting mouth Yammi, while collecting at least three yellow stars. This is achieved by means of a finger length of rope on the screen, the cookie will follow defy physics to pull. While on the rope, the cookie can be tilted left or right with gyroscopic controls.

This sounds simple enough, but stars are not always placed in the most inaccessible areas, and often a lot of clever maneuvering to reach the cookie. Strands of rope will disappear after a short time, so constant adjustments must be made to solve puzzles.
Save Yammi! Pull the rope to feed him with delicious cookies!
Save Yammi! Pull the rope to feed him with delicious cookies!
Save Yammi! Pull the rope to feed him with delicious cookies!
Stars are often blocked by obstacles such as pipes, and the cookie should be taken around them. As the game progresses, more formidable barriers introduced, plus other elements such as wings that fly to the cookie for a short period of time. All these additions to keep Save Yammi interesting, dynamic and engaging.

There are over 100 levels, all of which can be solved in different ways, allowing creativity and problem solving skills come into play. Game Center offers support and performance rankings for its progress and friendly competition.

Save Yammi took me a few levels to get used to because I was not initially aware of the gyroscopic motion. When I got the hang of it, I found the controls are perfectly calibrated and easy to use. I have no patience for the normal tilting motion games, but save Yammi uses just the right amount of exercise to be fun without being frustrating.

While I enjoyed the game, I would have liked an option to a level that I spend too much time to save, or to advance without collecting three stars. Hopefully, these options can be added with an update.

Save Yammi is a clever game with cute characters, great graphics and unique gameplay, it certainly deserves to be on top of the App Store charts. At only $ 0.99, it's a game that is sure to challenge you, entertained, and hungry for cookies.

Yammi save ($ 0.99) by Bulkypix is an innovative physics puzzle game that puts a new twist on popular games like IOS and cut the rope Burn the Rope.


• High quality graphics
• Innovative main gameplay mode
• Many different ways to complete levels
• Funny nature and the universe
• 100 diverse levels
• Gyroscopic and touch
• Game Center with tons of performance

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